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Manu in Latin mean hand. Manu is the leitmotiv of our new products, for which design we find in the book Medicina Operatori form 1846, the nineteenth century textbook for students of surgery. We are fascinated by beautiful engravings made with the utmost attention to detail, as befits a good teaching material. These figures provide us with an excellent tool in taming flesh and breaking the taboo on passing. Manu is the fragility of the body in the durability of the material, the youth of old age, experience of freshness, it’s a new point of view. Manu ceramic medallions representing the decoration of the wall and fleece wallpaper. Manu is the highest quality in a limited edition of 100 pieces. Manu is the beginning of a series of products dedicated to anatomy. Manu shows that obvious objects do not have to be boring. Medallions are manufactured in three sizes: 8cm × 11cm, 11cm × 15cm and 13cm x 18cm. Wallpaper has a size: 50x600cm.


Mortis Design


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