Mortis Design

Time Is Now


We want more,
and we can do it better.


Skull is our inspiration – by its eternal nature and, at the same time, its transitory character, because the time is here and now, and not there and then. Our signed are limited edition forms are created with the highest quality materials in collaboration with artisans, artists and people on the periphery of socially excluded people and the physically or mentally handicapped. Every item released by Mortis Design is signed by’ person who made it, a serial number, and a detailed description of the concept and method of production.


We work on graphic design projects in the field of visual identification of people, institutions and products. We guarantee minimalism of form and a maximum of content. We are not afraid of challenges, and when it comes to controversial subjects we are in our element. The smallest of details does not escape our attention, whether it be the letter spacing or the weight of the printing paper.


We design spaces of any size, it doesn’t matter if it’s 15 or 500 square meters. Residential and commercial interiors are our bread and butter. We believe it’s important that the space reflects the user. We thrive on challenges and are convinced that there isn’t any situation that we cannot resolved, both in terms of budget constraints and construction challenges.