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Warsaw’s Walls

“Warsaw’s Walls” it is a map of murals, which were created in order to show both citizens and tourists the Warsaw city from the other – usually hidden – side. Street art is alive art as well as it is public, democratic and available on streets to everyone. The capitol city has changed unnoticed into a gallery of works presented on the international level created by both Polish and foreign artists. Works such as “Town house”, “Chopin” on Tamka street, “I was born in Warsaw” on Lipowa street are only few among many others, which are the example of how well murals may change “the face” of the city. “Warsaw’s Walls” it is a map, which suggests two walking paths around the city center. The project shall be updated on the web site and in printed materials once a year since the open city’s gallery is constantly evolving.

the tour of warsaw street art was published:

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